Upcoming events

Updated 3/24/24

The schedule has been updated.

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Updated cost

Effective June 1st 2023, we will share one simplified fee scale between the Rifle line and Action Pistol. This is an all-inclusive day pass and you can attend the rifle and/or AP.

  • Walk in $30 Non-SCVRC member
  • SCVRC $15 Active SCVRC Full Member in good standing

Updated Day Schedule

We will have AP only days, typically on the MP range. Check back for details.

2024 Schedule

Date Acitvity
4/14/24 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
5/12/24 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
6/30/24 APC Only - Multipurpose
7/21/24 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
8/11/24 Rifle Only - 200 Yard
8/18/24 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
9/8/24 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
10/20/24 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
11/9/24 APC only - Multipurpose
11/17/24 Rifle Only - 200 Yard
12/8/24 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
12/15/24 Rifle Only - 200 Yard
1/12/25 Rifle Only - 200 Yard
1/19/25 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
2/9/25 Rifle Only - 200 Yard
2/16/25 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard
3/9/25 Rifle Only - 200 Yard
3/16/25 Rifle & AP - 200 Yard

Note: 11/9 is a Sat

Day Schedule

AP & Rifle

8 am - Rifle line is open on the 200 yard range
10 am - Group 1 dry fire in the upper trap field
11:15 am - Rifle line cease fire
11:30 am to 12:30 pm Group 1 live fire on the 200
Group 2 - Arrive at noon & go hot ASAP after Group 1
Group 2 live fire till 4pm, on the 200, incuding teardown and clean up

Rifle Only Day Schedule

8 am - Range open
Range will close when the activity is complete

AP Only Day Schedule

Schedule is TBD
Check back for details

Event Information

Please read this carefully and see the EventBrite Links for details. Contact us if you have questions.
AP EventBrite for Multipurpose Range
AP EventBrite for 200 Yard Range


Metcalf Field Sports Park
9580 Malech Dr
San Jose, CA 95138

Santa Clara County Waivers

Waiver forms are required for all participants.

You only need to do this once.

View ​and complete the waiver form prior to the event.


This is an all-inclusive day pass and you can attend the rifle and/or AP.

Please bring cash.

$15 SCVRC Full members in good standing

$30 non-members

Schedule: See Schedule.
Please be on time only for your assigned group.If you are late you will not shoot that day.

Only attend your assigned group.

Group 1 is for new, to us, that have not completed the qualification course of fire.

Group 2 is for people that have passed the qualification course of fire.

Things to know

  • Arrive on time and plan to stay until the end to help with tear down.
  • Park in in the upper lot only.
  • Have eyes & ears available upon entry to the area.
  • Don't forget to bring water, drinks, snacks or other items you may need throughout the day.